Life Needs Love to Live

Far far away, in Southern California, 06 District was born through a melting pot of cultures and experiences.  The meaning of 06 District and how it got its name: The number 6, was the number I had playing soccer for 14 years and playing Academy soccer so its always been my number on the field.  And District refers to me growing up in the San Diego District, its a representation of myself. – AJ Moreno(Founder)

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In February 2009, 06 District was barely even a thought in my mind. With soccer, school, competitive video games, and college preparations taking up most of my time, I barely had time to think. During my time at SDSU I realized my passion for design, and pursued my degree in Art.

However, soon after attending University I hit a rough spot in life, where I ended up dropping out of school, and following multiple jobs before coming into a cycle of repetitive behaviors.

In 2017, while walking in Downtown San Diego, I revisited my art work to hopefully regain my passion for art, and design. I soon realized after visiting a few local artists, and catching up with friends I had the drive to follow my passion, and build my own company from the ground up focused around my passion for Japanese Design. With the knowledge that I acquired over the years, going from job to job, meeting new people, and experiencing new things, 06 District was born. 2018 was the year 06 District went from an idea, to a full fledged realization.

Japanese culture was probably the biggest influence in my life. It focused a lot on structure, cultural pride, and a work ethic that I was envious of.  Of course you had the morning and late night Manga and Anime shows that gave me awe and wonder to a whole new realm.  But it was the Design culture that really struck me the biggest.  This is a company built from passion, love and absolute respect, based around the idea of designing clothing that I would love to wear. 06 District represents my wants, likes, personality, inspiration, influences, struggles, loves, and passion. Over 10 years this company was a work in progress, and I want to thank you and the entire global community of artists, influencers, adventurers, oddities, and others who better the world everyday.
-AJ Moreno

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Life needs Love to Live

Each Season of designs will be a different representation of the designers, influences, cultures, loves, and community of San Diego